Introducing DIRTEA Cordyceps

Meet the Mushrooms

Sporty types, this one’s for you. Cordyceps is an absolute winner of a mushroom and with our DIRTEA Cordyceps drink, you can enjoy your morning mushroom tea knowing you’re upping your energy and performance with this every sip. That’s some powerful fungi. 

Fatigue-fighting DIRTEA Cordyceps

Tough day ahead? DIRTEA Cordyceps has got your back. Known as nature’s performance enhancer, this powerful mushroom is like your own personal cheerleader running through your veins supporting energy production for enhanced physical performance. What’s not to love about that? Below, we dig into these incredible mushroom benefits a little more. 

DIRTEA Cordyceps benefits

Drink DIRTEA Cordyceps daily and get ready to reap the rewards

Cordyceps for energy

It’s no surprise that so many people are converting to the energising powers of the Cordyceps mushroom. Known to support energy production by helping oxygen flow through the body, it’s a firm favourite amongst those in need of a natural surge. Keep tiredness at bay with boundless energy, courtesy of your daily DIRTEA Cordyceps. 

Cordyceps for performance

We didn’t refer to DIRTEA Cordyceps as nature’s performance enhancer for nothing. Packed with Vitamin D, amongst other restorative and energising properties, this functional mushroom has been used to enhance performance since ancient times. Known also for rebalancing our sex hormones, it’s particularly effective when used as a natural libido boost and with our sexual selves being explored more openly and honestly than ever, it’s proving popular with both men and women looking to increase desire and drive.

Cordyceps for endurance

With greater energy levels comes greater endurance, making DIRTEA Cordyceps a favourite amongst those looking to increase stamina and resilience in exercise and everyday life. Whether you’re upping your fitness goals, or you simply want to feel fantastic all day long, this mushroom will help you go the extra mile. 

From increasing sexual desire to exceeding expectations in the gym, DIRTEA Cordyceps is the energising drink to build into your daily routine. Take a look at our tasty recipes featuring this fantastic functional mushroom or explore our full family of fungi-powered teas. As ever, sharing is caring, so bring us on your journey with #dirteaworld and @dirteaworld