Quality is Key: Exploring DIRTEA’s Family-Owned Farms


While we take pride in our top-quality products, we thought it's about time we give credit where it's due—the heart and soul of our operation: our family-owned ethical farms in the south-eastern coast of China. With rugged mountains to fertile plains and picturesque coastal areas, Fujian's landscape is characterised by lush greenery, including bamboo forests, evergreen trees, and terraced hillsides. Its subtropical weather and warm, humid conditions make it an ideal habitat for mushrooms to flourish. What makes this region unique is its natural environment and the rich cultural heritage that has fostered the development of mushroom farming over centuries.


In ancient times, Fujian was known as a challenging terrain to traverse, making it difficult for knowledge and technology to spread beyond its borders. As a result, the area remains rural and largely untouched in terms of industrialisation, and the art of mushroom cultivation remains localised.

The cultivation of these mushrooms began with wild harvesting (wild gathering) in 609 CE, a practice that continues today, albeit with advancements in technology and cultivation methods. Fujian has emerged as a leading centre for mushroom cultivation, particularly for Tremella, Lion's Mane and Shitake. Interestingly, these mushrooms share common substrates for growth, leading to their coexistence in the same region.

Fujian has played a significant role in China's history, serving as a cultural and economic centre for centuries. The province is dotted with ancient towns, temples, and historic sites, reflecting its importance as a hub of trade and commerce along the Maritime Silk Road. This region's significance persists as it remains pivotal for trade and commerce.

Family Farming

In the mountainous regions, far from bustling urban hubs, lie small-scale mushroom farms, often run by one or two families. Thanks to the perfect climate and the expertise of the local population in mushroom cultivation, numerous farms are scattered across the hills surrounding the main towns in this region. These family-run farms often employ traditional techniques of growing on hardwood logs, although more recently indoor growing areas have become popular.

By utilising waste as a valuable resource for substrates, small-scale mushroom farming in nature minimises environmental impact and generates little waste.

Mushroom farming thrives as a rewarding livelihood. With abundant scenic beauty and a strong sense of community, these farms offer a glimpse into a simpler, more harmonious way of life. Families cultivate their crops with dedication and pride in these tranquil surroundings, enclosed by pointy mountains and winding roads adorned with tunnels.


Top Quality Organic Products

Once the mushrooms are carefully harvested, they undergo a meticulous process to ensure quality and purity. First, the raw materials are selected and subjected to rigorous pesticide testing. Only those that meet the stringent quality control criteria proceed to organic production, while the rest are earmarked for conventional processing.

Double Extraction and Testing

The next steps involve extracting only the fruiting body of the fungi, which is where the target compounds lie. Powdering and processing, utilising methods such as hot water and pressure alcohol, extract the desired compounds. Throughout this process, the materials undergo further testing for quality control, including checks for pesticides, mould, heavy metals, and potency through third parties.

Once the mushrooms pass these standardised tests, they are carefully packed and sent to our manufacturing facility in the UK. They are packaged in the UK and undergo final testing before being made available to consumers, ready to impart their health benefits and culinary delights. This thorough journey from harvest to product ensures that every mushroom meets the highest quality and safety standards.

So, there you have it—behind every delicious DIRTEA product is a story of tradition, sustainability, and a whole lot of love. From the misty mountains of Fujian to your fingertips, our journey is one of passion and dedication to bringing you the finest quality products.