Welcome To The DIRTEA World


Congratulations, you’ve found your way into the future of feeling incredible mother nature style

Whether you’re a mushroom tea nerd who's clued up on the facts, or a fungi novice sent here by the wellness guru in your Whatsapp group breathe a sigh of relief. Your health, focus and energy levels are all about to be turbocharged thanks to the transformative power of mushroom tea. So, pop the kettle on and prepare to fall in love with nature’s little healers, just as our founders and growing communitea did, too.  

Old as dirt

Let’s start with a history lesson. We’ll keep it brief and upbeat; we promise. Fungi have existed for wait for it over a billion years. How can you not respect them? Unsurprisingly, humans have been forever fascinated by these little forest wonders with many different cultures around the world using fungi for food, medicine and natural immunity. It’s not hard to see why so many people have discovered these incredible mushroom benefits either they make up 25% of the world’s biomass. That’s a lot of mass! Today, the world is waking up once more to the unexpected magic of mushrooms, particularly as part of a daily tea ritual. It’s how our founders discovered them back in 2016, as part of a mushroom tea ceremony that would change the course of their lives with the birth of DIRTEA. And here we all are today, ready to clink teacups with our powdered mushroom tea of choice. 

Source of life

Fun fact: No fungi? No trees. And we’re sure everyone knows how that story ends. But it really is quite simple: without mushrooms, the trees just wouldn’t grow. With an intricate mushroom network growing underground, they communicate with the forest, fixing and feeding the plants and trees that need replenishing the most. This is why they’re lovingly referred to as nature’s engineers or perhaps a little more seriously as immune modulators. We’ll leave you to choose the one that suits your vibe. Playing this pivotal role deep in our forest, mushrooms are essentially responsible for the natural world as we know it. Mind-blowing, right? But we can all learn something from the intuitive, symbiotic relationship between trees and mushrooms, as we seek to listen to our minds and bodies more turning to natural goodness and holistic remedies, as and when we need them. Why? So we can get stronger, healthier and ultimately start to thrive. 


The need-to-know stuff

Just like the forests, you too can nurture and adopt an ancient practice of mushroom tea as part of your daily routine, with our DIRTEA powdered mushroom drinks. We’ve whittled over 150,000 different mushroom species down to our big four functional fungi: Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi. These are the world’s finest mushrooms, sourced from the most responsible organic growers to create a superior tea brewed with the purest ingredients possible. Organic, environmentally friendly (no trees are cut down on our watch), completely natural, and 100% Vegan DIRTEA is on a mission to deliver next generation health and wellbeing. We’d love for you to come with us. 

Spill the tea

Ok, we get it. You want to know what’s in it for you and the answer is everything. From skin health and energy levels to enhanced creativity and connection, a hot cup of powdered mushroom tea works wonders in some of the biggest areas of your life. Better focus? Clarity of thinking? Boosted immunity? Enhanced libido? Boundless energy? Peaceful sleep? All these things are hidden within the humble mushroom, and it’s an ancient truth we’re eager to spill with everyone. Explore our products to find the one that aligns best with your needs or mix and match with your mood throughout the day. It’s all natural, so it’s all good if you fancy a delicious DIRTEA coffee with your breakfast, A DIRTEA smoothie before the gym and a simple, straight mushroom tea before bed. Check out our full range of recipes to get inspired: from a creamy oat milk DIRTEA Latte to a rose infused DIRTEA Dreamweaver, there are so many ways to enjoy the purest cup of goodness the earth has to offer. 

Not that kind of fun(gi)

While the mushroom benefits are endless, you won’t find psychedelic properties on our list. We don’t use those types of mushrooms in our DIRTEA drinks although we do think the incredible impact DIRTEA can have on your health is pretty magical. 

A growing communitea

So, are you hooked? We don’t blame you. There’s never been a superfood quite like this and you’re amongst fine company in our growing DIRTEA community, who have all unearthed these brilliant and surprising mushroom benefits available, too. On that note, we welcome you to the DIRTEA world, and we’re excited for your personal journey to begin. Experiment with flavours and get crafting your own mushroom tea rituals. We’re here for it all. In fact, we’d love to see how you’re getting DIRTEA on social. Tag us with @dirteaworld and share your snaps and creations with #dirteaworld